PLEASE  turn your cell phone off prior to class starting since this is a gift to many of us with our busy schedules.  Its time to disconnect from the outside world and others do not want to be disrupted.

WEAR Clothes you can move in. Jeans are not a good idea. Gym shorts, spandex, t-shirt, tank top, something not too baggy because we will be moving in interesting ways!

BRING A mat (if you are new to yoga we have one you can use), a bottle of water, a hand towel for your sweat, and an open mind!

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class time, especially if its your first time to fill out a release form. Be on time, try not to disturb anyone's experience.

If you need to leave early Please leave before Savasana (relaxation). Savasana is a very important part of the practice, it shouldn't be disrupted.

Please keep in mind some people are allergic to fragrances, perfumes, colognes.

Practice on an empty stomach... Don't eat two hours prior, a light snack 45 minutes before class if you must!

Please be sure to sign in with your full name and indicate the amount you paid or the number of your class pack. 

Please try not to step on anyone else's mat since the mat is our own sacred space.

Please LEAVE YOUR EGO OUTSIDE. Yoga isn't competitive, it's an individual practice. Everyone is unique in their own way,  so everyone's experience is going to be different.  It's a time to celebrate that.

Be playful in your practice, explore and have fun with it!